VOCORD facial recognition identification algorithm recognized as the best in the world


Moscow. September 5, 2016.

Security industry and government officials will get their first look at the world’s most effective facial recognition systems at the Global Identity Summit 2016 in Tampa this month. With an algorithm surpassing even Google, the VOCORD identification algorithm got the highest score in a recent MegaFace global competition correctly recognizing more than 75% of the faces in the MegaFace database – the highest score worldwide.

The Russian-based VOCORD Company is one of the leading developers and producers of intelligent video surveillance and audio logging systems and will be exhibiting its 3D facial recognition system VOCORD FaceControl 3D, and new 2D facial recognition solutions at the Tampa Summit.

The internationally recognized MegaFace online testing platform is a database consisting of more than one million photos in which more than 690 thousand different individuals are pictured, shot in “natural” conditions, i.e., in random poses, with free facial expressions, lighting and exposure. The goal of the competition is to evaluate the accuracy of facial recognition algorithms from the gallery sample against an increasing number of “distracting faces” (from 10 to 1 million) from the MegaFace database. The MegaFace competition allows for the evaluation of existing facial recognition algorithms on a large number of images.

The VOCORD recognition algorithm, based on deep neural networks, demonstrated superior results in world-wide testing in recognition of grade 1 faces. The tests demonstrated that the VOCORD algorithm correctly recognized 75.127% of the faces, which is the best result in in the world at the present time. More information available at the MegaFace

The MegaFace results achieved by VOCORD employed the actual recognition algorithm currently used in VOCORD products, such as VOCORD FaceControl, not an unimplemented laboratory design. In addition to its high accuracy, the algorithm is also noteworthy for its high efficiency, which allows it to perform up to 3 million comparisons per second.

The large-scale presentation of the VOCORD FaceControl and VOCORD FaceControl 3D products will take place at the international Global Identity Summit 2016, September 19-22 in Tampa, Florida. VOCORD’s participation in this event will be another step in the implementation of the company’s program aimed at rolling out its key products in a range of global markets.

Результаты тестирования алгоритма на базе MegaFace

In describing the success of VOCORD’s algorithm, company Technical Director Alexey Kadeyshvili said “The excellent facial recognition results achieved by VOCORD specialists are the result of systematic, painstaking scientific work which we have conducted over the course of many years. At present, the company also continues its efforts in optimization of developed algorithms for facial verification tasks. In particular, we have very interesting results in combating fraud in facial authorization”.

The VOCORD Company is a portfolio company of RVC’s S-Group Ventures and Leader Innovations, a Skolkovo Foundation resident.