High resolution video cameras
for video analytics
Adaptation under video analysis tasks
High quality video
Multiple stream video broadcasting
Inbuilt face detector *

* VOCORD NetCam4 K-Series
VOCORD FaceControl
Non-cooperative facial
recognition system
Operates in non-cooperative mode
High recognition accuracy
VOCORD FaceControl 3D
Innovative facial biometric
recognition system based on 3D
Unique, new generation system
Robustness to heavy make-up and facial artifacts
Robustness to pose angles
Makes difference between real face and facial snapshot
VOCORD Traffic
License Plates Recognition
and traffic enforcement system
Highest recognition accuracy
Crosswalks violations
Average speed measurement
Traffic flows analytics

* Based on acceptance testing

Plate recognition and photo registration of traffic enforcements

VOCORD Traffic

Video surveillance and video analytics


Multichannel automatic notification


SMS-fraud control

VOCORD SMS Antifraud

About Vocord

Vocord is a Russian engineering company, a manufacturer and developer of professional video surveillance systems and telecommunications solutions.

Vocord is specialized in development of professional high-tech security systems with unique technical characteristics. Solutions of the company designed for projects of wide scale factors with high scalability. Vocord systems are installed in more than 100 projects in Russia and abroad.

Vocord develops new technologies in the field of video analytics: biometric facial recognition, automatic number plate recognition technologies and others intelligent video algorithms. In 2011, Vocord became a resident of Skolkovo Fundation with its 3D-vision and facial recognition project.

The company was founded in 1999. Customers can buy the systems of Vocord through the partnership network across Russia and in CIS countries.

5 reasons to become our partner

  1. We offer complete solutions. Our unified hardware and software platform allows easy installation and maintenance, no “hidden” expenses and maximum equipment and software compatibility for the best results
  2. We offer good price-performance ratio. All solutions of the company are unlimited scalable and very reliable.
  3. All our products are specially designed for specific task and have unique technical characteristics, which provide the maximal efficiency.
  4. We protect the projects of our partners. During the tendering process we protect interests of those our partners, who originally registered the project with us.
  5. We provide our partners full technical assistance and marketing support.

To become our partner please fill in the form or contact our Moscow office.


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